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A.K. is a Desi-American filmmaker who directs, produces, and writes films about female protagonists, the immigrant experience, and new perspectives on history. Probing themes such as race, class, spirituality, and cross-cultural solidarity, she tells stories to bridge the gap between our perceived differences and cultivate a deeper understanding of human connections.

A.K. employs filmmaking to revive narratives that have been buried or suppressed.

‍Her debut award-winning film, ALIVE IN BRONZE: Huey P. Newton (1942–1989) (previously known as For Love & Legacy) screened at festivals like Tribeca, PanAfrican, Mill Valley and beyond before being acquired by Sheila Nevins for MTV Documentaries and will be streaming worldwide on Paramount+ in fall of 2023.

A.K. is also the Co-Director, Producer, and Co-DP of her first documentary feature, Sign My Name To Freedom, about the lost music of Betty Reid Soskin. The film is currently in post-production.

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