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about A.K.

I was lucky to inherit a love for photography from my father. The thrill of capturing images has stayed with me and over the years, the camera has become my favorite form of artistic expression.

The transition from my corporate finance career to the world of photography has been a major transformation in my life. I feel privileged to be able to create photographic art. Taking pictures has become a way of life and nothing has made me feel so complete.

I am thankful for many things;

 – the ambition (and the Canon) I inherited from my Army Officer-Father;

 – the faith and compassion I inherited from my mother;

 – the knowledge I absorbed from the educational institutions I attended and bits of wisdom I gathered along the way from my teachers, colleagues and friends.

I make pictures on analog and digital formats using Mamiya 645, Canon 5Diii and my Dad's classic Canon FT. I am based in the San Francisco Bay area and available to shoot in destinations worldwide.

• Brand Films start at $5900 • Photo Collections start at $900.

Please get in touch for custom quotes specific to your assignment.

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